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 ​IT Skills x Employment Support 

You can learn online from overseas!

​Training center for employment in Japan 

​About Global TECH Training center

"Job hunting in Japan is not going as well as I expected ..."

There are many international students who are having trouble finding employment.

The reason is that the following two things are lacking.

1. Skills that are advantageous for employment (IT skills, etc.)

2. Job hunting skills unique to Japan

The "Global TECH Training Center" is a school where international students learn skills that will be advantageous for finding employment in Japan .

The "Global TECH Training Center", which is a gathering of professionals, supports the acquisition of IT skills and job hunting activities in Japan.

* Japanese conversation and business Japanese will be supported as separate classes at the Akamonkai Japanese Language School.

We also welcome Japanese students who want to "intercultural exchange x acquisition of programming skills".

All classes can be taken online!

You can participate in classes while saving travel time and transportation costs.

It's also nice to be able to interact with classmates even if you're not in Japan.

If you want to learn skills and get a job in Japan

Comprehensive support from Japanese language schools, human resources introduction companies, and IT companies

Go to Global TECH Training Center!

IT skills lead to employment! Companies are looking for IT talent


Japanese IT companies feel that the “quantity ” and “quality” of IT human resources are insufficient.

Learning IT skills will increase your chances of finding a job at a Japanese company.


​Features of Global TECH Training Center


The teachers are active engineers and creators.You can hear about real experiences and insights.


Classes can be taken online or by video!

You can study at home or abroad.


HUMAN POWER is strong in employment support for international students,
and will provide assistance for job hunting in Japan.


Classes are in easy-to-understand Japanese.

We also have assistant teachers,

​so it is ideal for first-time students.


​You can learn
professional terminology
used in the IT industry


You can make friends who are aiming for employment in Japan,
and you can exchange information about employment.

Would you like to learn IT skills that are useful for finding a job together?

​Courses offered


It is widely used in android, desktop apps, business systems, web services, etc. It is also used in Gmail and Twitter, and is an IT skill with many job offers .

We also have employment records for 2020 graduates.


Learn Unity for game development on ios, android, Mac, Win, PS4, Xboc, etc. You will also be able to develop 3D games such as AR and VR .

It is an ability of attention from now on.


Experienced active creators will teach you how to use image editing software and the basic knowledge, planning, and production skills necessary for video production.

Different from self-study! Acquire skills that lead to work by the shortest route.

​-Now accepting students for January 2024-

​ Please feel free to contact us.

Reliable support system

Teachers, employment counselors, and class support staff will support you

from the start of the course to job hunting.


Slack Support

You can ask questions from home.

You can talk to your teacher.

You can also talk with your friends.


Employment Support

HUMAN POWER has a proven track record in employment support for international students.

We will support you and help you to prepare for your resume and interview.

PC Rental

For those who do not have a PC,you can rent one. (For a fee)

Please contact us in advance.


Learn Japanese IT terminology.

You can learn terminology while learning IT skills.

Let's learn terminology that is used by engineers and creators in the IT industry.

​International exchange while learning

Japanese students who want to learn IT skills can also study at the Global TECH Training Center.

Let's study with overseas students and enjoy cross-cultural understanding and international exchange while staying in Japan.

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