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Video creator
​ Video editing


More people are watching videos, more hours are being watched per day, and more companies are entering the video business.

Video ​ is a popular program not only for those who want to work as creators, but also for those who want to learn editing skills to upload to their SNS.

Two-month program to nurture video creators

​-Basic course to learn the basics will start in September-

 Basic course (4 times, 12 hours)

Tuition fee: 33,000 yen (tax included)

​* A separate license agreement for Adobe Premiere Pro is required.

​ Learn the basic operations of video editing software.

You will be able to do simple video editing yourself.

​1. Basic operation of editing software 1

​2. Basic operation of editing software 2

3. ​ Basic operation of editing software 3

4. Basics of shooting, camera work


 Advance course (4 times, 12 hours)

Tuition fee: 33,000 yen (tax included)

​* For those who have completed the Basic course

A series of planning, shooting, and editing will be performed as a practical task to create an original work.

1. Purpose, how to plan and structure

2. Original ​Work planning, composition, and practice 1

3. Editing Techniques, ​Practice 2

4. Practice 3, Presentation

​ Course Information 

・September 2023

・Every Saturday

・10:00-13:00 (3 hours once)

・Venue: Akamonkai Japanese Language School

* Online participation is possible for the 1st to 3rd times

​ support 

- Record each class.

It is effective when you are absent or when reviewing a class.

・ Ask your teacher questions on slack outside of class time


​ What you need for class 

・Computer (both Win and Mac are OK)

・Adobe Premiere Pro License


Lecturer introduction


​Hitoshi Mizushima

​(Norihiko Mizushima)

​Active video creator

Main experience so far

Shooting and editing corporate PVs and events at a video production company

cameraman at a television station

Launched video production department at a venture company (production and design)


As the communication standard shifts from 4G to 5G, the age of big videos is finally upon us.

​Some of you may be shooting videos with your smartphone or using an app to perform simple processing and editing and post them on social media.

The skill of creating images is a “hand job” that is directly connected to work.

For those who want to learn how to create and edit videos, I try to provide easy-to-understand and polite classes. ​

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