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Game Development

VR creator


​Unity Basic Course

From 3D walkthroughs to 3D platformer game production

Learn the basic Unity skills needed to create games and XR content

[Attendance level]

・Experienced learning Unity tutorial level.

・People who want to be able to create their own works.

・Classes will be conducted in Japanese. This course is for people with N3 or higher.

​ *If you have never played Unity, please contact us before applying.


​Course information 

​・Adjustment of schedule for next class

​・Sunday 10:00-16:00 (1h break)

​ ・ Class format: Online (ZOOM)


​ support 

- Record each class.

It is effective when you are absent or when reviewing a class.

・ Ask your teacher questions on slack outside of class time



​ What you need for class 



​・Classes are online. Please participate in a place with a Wi-Fi environment


Practical curriculum that provides a good balance between lectures and practical skills

​The morning hours will be focused on lectures. The afternoon will focus on practical skills assignments and Q&A.

​ This program is held twice a month, so you can study while reviewing and working on your own assignments.

1. ■Creating scenes using ProBuilder/ProGrid

2. ■ Character movement and animation

3. ■ Camera work (first person, third person), lighting, rendering

4. ■ Production of gimmicks using a physics engine

5. ■Overall management of GUI operations, item acquisition, etc.

6. ■ Assignment production guidance and presentation



Takumi Motoike

(VR Creators Labs Lecturer, WebXR, Application Development)

​Professor, Faculty of Media and Information Studies, Suruga University

Part-time lecturer at Yokohama University of Art and Design

In addition to engaging in education and research on smartphone applications and web content development, he is also working on regional revitalization using XR (AR, VR, MR).

Graduated from University of Tsukuba, Master of Science from University of Tsukuba

Assistant (TA)

Kadomatsu Akane

A Vtuber instructor who is also an active Unity engineer will be in charge of the class assistant.


​Assistant (TA)

Course superviser


VR Creators Labs


We develop XR contents such as VR, MR, AR, corporate training, and corporate consulting on XR.

We also run a school that develops human resources such as creators and engineers.

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