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Learning style

* Price includes tax.

If you pay for 6 months from May to October at once, there is a "set discount".

(Example) Tuition fee 198,000 yen → 180,000 yen ... 18,000 yen discount!

go to school

at Akamonkai Japanese Language school.

[Course starts in May → Completes in October]

​Every Saturday 13:00-16:00 (JPT)


33,000 yen / month 


in the class (ZOOM).

[Course starts in May→ Completed in October]​

​Every Saturday 13:00-16:00 (JPT)


33,000 yen / month


You can take the actual weekly lesson when you want on demand and at your pace. 

[Can start anytime from May]

​You can study at any time you like.


33,000 yen / month

​-Now accepting students for May-

​ Please feel free to contact us.

Content of study


​・ Basic knowledge of JAVA

​・ Calculation method and variables, branch processing, iterative processing​

・Functionalization and array of processing


・ Superclass and subclass

・Classes and instances

​・Exceptions and exception handling

・ Garbage collection and packaging

・Interfaces and threads

・ Collection etc.

​Other supports

When absent

When you are absent from school, you can take supplementary lessons by watching the video. 


Certificate of completion (Both attending school and online )

​A certificate of completion will be issued to those who have passed the assignment with an attendance rate of 80% or more.


Iterative learning

​Since each lesson is recorded and delivered, you can study over and over again.

Lecturer profiles


​Yuki Maeda

​(JOY FOR JOY Co., Ltd.)

Programmer (PG), System Engineer (SE)

Languages used: Java, C ++, PL / SQL etc ...

​Projects handled so far

Bank web service

Web services for airline CAs, etc.

Business application development

Data migration work due to system renewal of government offices, etc.


Jobs for JAVA jobs will continue to increase in the future.

I would like to help future engineers.

Ask lots of questions if you don't understand.

​Learn Japanese and JAVA and be active in the IT industry!


​Course supervision


​JOY FOR JOY Co., Ltd.

​ System, application, web development, network design/construction/operation

A company specializing in JAVA development with a proven track record and more than 40 engineers.

​ An active engineer familiar with the site will guide you.

100% employment rate in 2020! Alumni Voice

​Lin Yuchen (male, Taiwan)

Employment: Keywear Solutions Co., Ltd.

Occupation: SE, ERP development

I took this JAVA course because I want to study that can be used anywhere in the world.

The good thing about studying it is that I can think logically when solving problems. 

The difficulty was to get an overall image when I looked at the project-scale code. 

 The teacher is very enthusiastic about the lessons and he will answer whatever you ask.

Each class had a sense of accomplishment and I felt the appeal of programming.

~ Message ~

 My current goal is to get to know my Japanese colleagues and become a full-fledged engineer as soon as possible.

It's not as difficult as you think! Would you like to try programming?"

Wing (female, Hong Kong)

Employment: Innovative Solutions Ltd.

Occupation: Logistics system IT consulting

I took a JAVA course because I wanted to get a job in Japan and I wanted to work in the IT industry.

The good thing about taking this course is that I learned a lot about IT and it is useful in my current job.

​The hard part was that I didn't study programming at university, so it took me a long time to understand IT theory.

In the class, there were teachers and assistants, they watched the progress of the students and gave lessons accordingly.

​ ~ Message ~

I'm using both Japanese and English in my current job, so I would like to gain more knowledge about IT from now on.

Those who have not studied programming can also study.

If you are interested in IT-related work, please do your best!

​Kota Bamba (male, Japan)

Employment: Accenture Co., Ltd.

Occupation: IT Consultant


In job hunting, I decided to study IT to increase my own value.

The good thing about studying at this course was that the on-site teachers taught me what is the important in my work.The hard part was that  what I had studied would not take root without proper preparation and review.

It was good that the assignments were the content that I could thoroughly review what I learned in class.

~ Message ~

My current goal is to learn a wide range of programming languages other than JAVA.

​ Anyone who is motivated can do programming, so please do your best.

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